Atul Prabhu

Project Manager
We Conceive Design , Engineer, Manufacture & Stands Behind Our Products Autocoat Engineering has been leading manufacturer of variety of spray booth , downdraft painting booth , side draft painting booth , Conveyorised painting plants , customized painting booth since 1985.

For the last 35 years Autocoat Engineering is constantly promoting morden technology in all kinds of product coating & metal finishing. Manufacturing Paint booth for large products , Automobile sectors, Home appliances , construction sector has been our major strength for newer and superior spray painting booth.

Our Aim is to be create most admired Product Coating equipment & Metal Finishing Plants in the India & overseas. Autocoat Engineering (I) pvt Ltd has designed and supplied over 300Plants. We dedicated our Success to a Business Philosophy that stresses on“ Technical Excellences , Ethics and Committed customer Service”. Spray Booth manufactured by Autocoat go through lot of detailed working from enquiry stage to final commissioning. At enquiry & marketing stage Autocoat engineers analyze each and every detail of the customer product and suggest the rite Paint booth for the painting application. Detailed designing & drawing work is been carried out keeping in mind final goal. During manufacturing of these painting booth best quality raw material goes in as input, after series of cutting ,bending and hole punching activities the rite spray painting booth enclosures are created ,which then passes through surface treatment solutions & painting coats. Autocoat Engineering (I) Pvt Ltd painting booth are completely bolted designed and can easily be dismantled and shifted to any location with lowest hassles. Painting Booth exhaust Blowers , Motors , Circulation Pumps , Burners are the heart of our systems for which Autocoat uses top class & branded equipment with high efficiency as per customized requirement. Rigorous trials of the Spray paint booth & Paint drying ovens are carried out in our factory to make sure no ambiguities left behind which would obstruct site assembly or commissioning process.