Looking for a Digital business Cloud cards?

digital business cards

Why Cloud Card

Cloud Cards provides a modern way to share your contact information¬† by digital business cards for professionals to Make Business Simple….Digitally

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digital business cards

Interact Easily

Allow the recipient to click on your contact information to immediately get in touch with you

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Innovative Presentation

Display video/Photo content such as demo videos, explainer videos,product /service offer photo

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Create a mobile-optimised digital business card for you or your staff

Responsive Design

Beautifully design business cards that adjust to every smart phones resolution

Easy Sharing

Share over SMS, email, whatsapp ,Facebook,Twitter

Save contact

All your contacts information can be saved onto the phone’s contact list

Display Photo/Video

Display your product image ,Video for complete business presentation

Save paper

Be perceived as a modern, digital company who cares about the environment.

Promote brand in Social Media

Stand out and drive more traffic to your social channels.